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€300 per day plus 7% VAT will be charged for the first 10 days of research work plus extra costs that may arise.

Cost of research work exceeding 10 days to be negotiated.

Travel expenses are charged at €0.30 per kilometre plus hotel, materials and telecommunications costs.

For research to be carried out solely at the Federal Archive in Berlin or the WASt (Wehrmacht inquiries' office), €30 is charged per hour or portion thereof.

Photocopy charges and costs for photos and other material are to be borne by the client.


Photos and films can be made available on CD for €130 and/or on DVD with photos/film sequences for €250.

If such material is to be used in films, €350 is charged per minute or portion thereof, €30 for each black-and-white photo, and €50 for each colour photo.

All charges are subject to 7 percent VAT.


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